Poolside Bag

Last April we all headed to Santa Monica, CA to watch our rippin’ skate girl Elle compete in an all girls skateboarding contest in Venice, CA.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to use Cotton and Steel’s fabulous new Poolside line in canvas to make a pool bag that we could use for the beach, pool or whatever throughout the summer.  I have a pattern that I’ve been itching to try out from Lotta Jansdotter’s book Everyday Style.  Lotta Jansdotter mentions using this bag as a laundry bag, however, that’s the beauty of this bag it can be used for so many things, laundry, pool, re useable shopping bag, or even an extra large diaper bag.  You could store all sorts of goodies in this one for the kiddos!



Everyday Style by Lotta Jansdotter + Poolside in (Canvas) by Cotton and Steel


Cotton and Steel’s Poolside line came out right before we were scheduled to go to Cali perfect timing!  Also the fact there were a couple prints in canvas worked out perfectly to my advantage.


Luckily I was able to make this bag in one evening and I was pleased with how easily it came together.



An extra large bag for sure!  You can stuff so much in this bag I have really enjoyed using it all summer at the pool and the beach.  The only downfall to this bag at the beach is since it’s not made of plastic or a synthetic fiber sand does get trapped in the bottom, however an easy fix with a little shaking!


Of course I had to include a few pics of my girl at the skate contest.  Wow! She is fearless and amazing!  Elle has a real passion for skate boarding and I must brag a little she got third place in the contest in the eight and under group!  You go GIRL!  Being at this contest was such fun!  Everybody is there to just have a good time and support these incredible girls and young women!




Photo by Chris Hooten (A Marvel Comic Artist)

Venice Skate Park early morning.


A few fun photo’s of our time in Santa Monica and Venice, CA.  Elle was on her skate board the whole time and William sped around on his strider bike what fun!



Thanks Cali, always a good time!





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