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Making a quilt for a young child is always so much fun, what I love most is the possibility of being whimsical, playful, or even sophisticated in my fabric selection.  My dad’s cousin’s daughter, I’ll say that again, my dad’s cousin’s daughter (ha!).  Well let’s just say that translates into a family member I haven’t yet met, although is none the less someone I want to shower with a quilt for her growing daughter Isla, who turned two a few months before gifting this quilt.  Little Isla’s photo’s portrays a playful, sweet, and charming toddler, when I see Isla’s pictures it reminds me so much of our sweet Elle at her age.  I can see straight away Isla is the light in her parents’ life, as we all feel about our children they light up our world and make every day better.  As hard a parenting is at times how lucky we are to have these beautiful beings among us.  That being said, even though I’ve never met sweet Isla I felt a need to make a quilt for this lovely daughter.


When it came to fabric selection for this quilt I decided on blue’s, pinks, and a black and white print that make up the pattern portion of the quilt.  Using a very soft grey for the solid portion of the quilt creates a bit more of a sophisticated yet, very feminine and whimsy feel.  I love how the dark blue prints stand out against the soft grey, and command attention in comparison to the light pinks and blues that provide a soft feminine touch I was looking for.

My pattern choice was considered due to how quick and easy this quilt comes together, and can easily be made in a weekend.  Isla’s quilt was my second time making a quilt from this patten, the first was a Halloween quilt for my son, it came in a quilt kit that I purchased from a local quilt shop and is called (something positive by Villa Rosa  Being so fast, easy, and fun to put together I thought it would be a great toddler quilt and a great gift.


Isla’s quilt in progress.

 Cutting of this quilt goes so fast you’ll have it done in no time!  You can purchase this quilt pattern from for only two dollars, they also have many other easy to construct quilt patterns you might want to check out on their website.  IMG_2357

Two finished blocks


About the Sun Tunnels in Utah’s Great Basin Desert.

Photographing Isla’s quilt was just about as fun as making the quilt itself.  We headed out to Utah’s Great Basin Desert, just west of the Bonneville salt flats to experience Nancy Holt’s sun tunnels, an outdoor art exhibit that was completed in 1976.

Four tunnels placed in an X shape create an intriguing and magical experience for visitors, forming a connection to the tunnels and the vast landscape that envelops them.  Each tunnel has holes drilled in the pattern of a constellation the four featured are Draco, Perseus, Columbia, and Capricorn.  Each summer and winter people flock to the sun tunnels for the summer and winter solstice, when the tunnels align with the rising and setting of the sun.


Our experience didn’t revolve around the summer or winter solstice but skateboarding in the tunnels, and just having a good time.  We set up a table and had a bbq, we brought William’s strider bike, and even our rockets to launch in the desert.  Overall, it was a really fun experience and something I think we will do again.


For the backing of the quilt I used Cotton and Steel’s Flower Shop line (Dala friends in pink).  What a perfect backdrop for these little pink friends, they look right at home, and perfect for a little girls quilt fun and playful!  For the binding of the quilt I used another cotton and steel print from their (Add it up Line).  A small plus sign against a pale pink background was the perfect compliment for this feminine quilt.



Wow!  What a beautiful desert landscape.    IMG_3394IMG_3385

Fall weather with it’s crisp and biting chill was beginning to creep up on us when we were at the sun tunnels, a knit hat was a must!  We didn’t anticipate the weather being so chilly, and we had to stop off at one of those huge gas station slash convenience stores that have hats and gloves.  We all bought a knit hat to stay warm!

IMG_3427IMG_3408IMG_3398A lovely quilt for Isla, one that can grow with her for snuggling, fort making, and staying ow so warm and loved!





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