Fly Away quilt


If you are an avid Pinterest follower and looking at quilts it’s pretty certain you’ve come across patterns made by Suzy Quilts.  If you aren’t familiar with her work, her patterns, fabric selection, and overall work is pretty Fab!  She is one of the pattern designers I’ve recently been following that really gets me excited to quilt with solids, and try some new things.  Suzy’s Fly Away pattern is the first quilt I’ve completed, however, I do have two more projects that I’m anxious to get started on that I’ll be using Suzy Quilts patterns.   More on that to come!



Initially, the inspiration for this quilt came from a page out of Domino magazine, where they feature a room, and the colors that were used in that space.  In Domino’s (Get The Look) section I found a fun and fresh color palette that consisted of a red orange, pale pink, turquoise, and a citron color that looked so fresh and fun together! I was on the hunt for a pattern that I could use plenty of white as I wanted these vibrant colors to pop off a white backdrop.  Suzy’s Fly Away quilt pattern struck me as the perfect pattern for the look I wanted to achieve, where I could play with these solid vibrant colors amidst a snow white backdrop.  I did use one low volume print for this project,  I love how it feels a bit unexpected amidst the vibrant solids it plays against.



You’ll notice my color palette is a bit different than my initial inspiration, instead of a red orange I went with a dark pink, and I added a salmon color instead of the pale pink that was used in my inspiration color palette.


For the back of my quilt I chose a grey butterfly print from Art Gallery.  These free flowing butterflies are a stark contrast to the vibrant colors and modern nature that are featured on the front of this quilt.


A fun photo session with Milo! There were plenty of giggles and fun to be had!



Although the nature of this quilt sparks a mood of modernity.  Those free flowing butterflies combined with a pale pink binding deliver a quilt that’s modern, with a real sense of femininity.



Elle Stretching among the butterflies!


I find color inspiration is everywhere, from design magazines and interior design, to clothing, and very much in nature!  Taking a closer look at a neighbors beautifully landscaped yard, a striking sunset, or even a vegetable garden you are likely to find color inspiration for your next quilt or sewing project!




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