Autumn Seeing Double Quilt


Playing with color is one of the elements I love most in not only quilting, but sewing in general.  I’m sure it has to do with my love of interior design.  Something wonderful and energizing comes about when color combos come together that are pleasing to the eye and soul.  Recently, I made a baby girl quilt using Then Came June’s quilt pattern Seeing Double Quilt ( see post A Modern Baby Girl Quilt), this is one of those great patterns that enables you to really play with color.  I was in love with how this quilt came together, how the colors play against one other in a complimentary and harmonious way.  As soon as I was done with this baby quilt I knew I had to make one for myself.  As much as I loved my initial color combo I wanted to try a different version, the outcome was different, yet none the less as striking as the first.



My second time around I went with dark blues, set against an earthy brown and caramel color that plays against a vibrant pink fading into a light pink.  At the time I purchased my fabric, autumn colors weren’t a factor in my decision making.  I just really loved this color combo for what it was, vibrant, complimentary, and harmonious.   I finished my quilt at the end of summer and it screamed autumn to me, in turn I named my quilt Autumn seeing double quilt.  


Seeing Double Quilt Pattern, Then Came June



I love the simplicity and easy finish of this quilt.  It’s a wonderful beginner quilt, in addition to being the perfect pattern to play with color.

Strips of fabric ready for cutting.






We had a photo shoot in one of our many gorgeous canyons, located minutes from our home and downtown Salt Lake City.




I love how the bright pink in the quilt set against the deep red in the fallen leaves brings a flicker of the same tone to the leaves.



Elle and William fooling around helping me get a few sweet pics!




Draped over your bed or a chair, Then Came June’s seeing double quilt will leave you charmed with the beauty of each color.





Snuggling with a good book while admiring this beauty.



Autumn holds a special place for me, not only for the beauty of the colors, and the cool crisp air that it brings.  William was born in autumn, on Halloween of all days, bestowing me with a love, and nostalgic memories of fallen leaves, pumpkin pie, ghosts, ghouls, and all the beauty that takes place during these serene months.


Happy Fall











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