Scrappy Pink Baby Girl Quilt

Ombre has become a popular design trend that has infiltrated fashion, home decor, hairstyles, cooking, textile design, and the quilting sphere as well.   Ombre is a French word that is defined by shaded or gradated in tone.  You too can make an ombre quilt with all of those lovely scraps you’ve been waiting to use up like I did with my Scrappy Pink Baby Girl Quilt.  Or with so many on-line retailers selling fabric bundles with gradated color schemes you are bound to find something that will catch your eye.  Online retailers like Fabric Worm and Fabric Bubb are great places to start if you are looking for curated and gradated fabric bundles.



For my scrappy pink ombre quilt I started with dark pink, then gradually went lighter to an almost mauve pink, to a very light pink then to a low volume taupe with small light pink details.





To make each block you’ll need a 3.5″ square ( my pink fabrics) and a 5″ square my white fabric, I purchased two charm packs that include 42  5″ pre-cut squares to save time.

  • Sew your 3.5″ square to your 5″ square at a diagonal. (see images below)
  • Trim your edge, and press your block.
  • Trim your block to a 4.5″ square this will ensure each block is square and your quilt will come together easily.


5″ block and 3.5″ Block



  • Draw a diagonal line edge to edge, I used an erasable pen to draw my line which is heat activated.
  • Pin your fabric and sew along a quarter inch on each side of the line.



Using your rotary cutter cut off the edge of your block



Once you cut the edge of your block you’ll have this half square triangle block left over that can be used for another project.



Press your block, and trim to 4.5″.  Voila! You can make this quilt as large or small as you like.




A few images of my scrappy pink baby girl quilt in my garden.







For the back and binding of my quilt I decided on a blue three leaf clover print with tiny pink flowers scattered throughout.












A friend who recently had his first baby who we’ve known from our community will be the recipient of this scrappy pink baby girl quilt.  He’s been a server at one of our favorite local restaurants, a camp counselor at a summer camp Elle attended when she was about 4 years old, and a really great skateboarder to boot!





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