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HI Harvey Milk!

Murals have been created as a representation of human society since our beginning, the word mural comes from the latin word “murus”, meaning wall .  Murals have a long tradition of being tools for social activism, propaganda, and freedom of expression.  Mural art is also meant to be socially engaging adorning warehouse walls, bridges, to museums, and libraries.  An art that can be viewed and experienced by all people.

Josh Scheueuman painted this mural of Harvey Milk which adorns Harvey Milk Blvd. in Salt Lake City.  Harvey Milk (1930–1978), was known as a gay rights activist and community leader.  Harvey Milk was the first openly gay man to hold office in the United States and was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977, Harvey Milk was shot and killed only one short year later.

Josh’s mural is located in a vibrant downtown neighborhood, and lucky for me on my way to my local Target, so I see it quite often.  Josh painted this mural around a year ago and I’ve been itching to photograph a quilt in front of it, and what a perfect duo HI Harvey Milk.



Fabric Selection Cotton and Steel Sienna Collection.



The HI quilt is from the book By The Bundle, this is my second time making this quilt (see HI quilt post) I made this quilt for some friends, and I loved it so much I had to make one for myself.  I decided on vibrant coral, turquoise, and blue set against a light lavender grey, pale pink, and mustard yellow.  All of the prints are from Cotton and Steel, and most prints are from their Sienna collection.  I named my quilt the Summer HI quilt because these fabrics remind me of summer vibrant and warm, like a day at the beach.


By The Bundle, I’ve made several quilts out of this book and have loved each pattern.  The perfect fat quarter friendly sewing book!



H Blocks 


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HI Harvey Milk!





Sweet Elle draped in summer love.




I just love this mural, Harvey Milk’s smile brings so much life and light to this neighborhood.






For the back of my quilt I decided on a rifle paper co. print from their Wildwood collection, the print is Party Vines Navy Blue Flower Stripe Botanical Stripe.  Ribbons of flowers cascade down the back of this quilt, I was mindful to use a fabric for the back that pulls colors from each H block.  Rifle Paper Co.’s Party Vines print was the perfect compliment with flowers that burst with colors of coral, blue, pink, and yellow.






A beautiful mural and message.  Thank you Josh!







Thank you Harvey Milk for being a leader, having courage, and giving back in so many ways.  We can all take a page from your book.




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    1. Janel,

      Thank you! This is such a great pattern, I’m sure I’ll make it again it would be fun to try in solids. I appreciate you reading and your kind comments.

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