Black Linen Avana Pants for Girls


Do you have a favorite clothing pattern designer?  Recently, it seems there has been a surge in interest for a “handmade wardrobe”.  In turn, there are many more patterns to choose from when it comes to women’s clothing.  When I first started making clothes for Elle nine years ago I found it difficult to find clothing patterns for children that I really liked.   For years I’ve used Oliver + S patterns for children, their instructions are easy to understand, their paper patterns are of high quality, and their patterns feature lovely details providing each garment with a real pop!

Recently, I stumbled upon another children’s sewing pattern company called IKATEE.  Ikatee is out of France, and I’ve been very impressed with their product as well, they have a very large variety of children’s clothing patterns, from baby, toddler to tween.  Many of their patterns feature different versions of one item giving you much more bang for your buck!  Ikatee’s paper patterns are very high quality, with easy to understand instructions.  Last summer I made Elle a pair of shorts the Ikatee Avana shorts they were so easy to put together, super comfy, she loved them!  Since I made the shorts version I wanted to try to long trouser pants version.  As mentioned earlier, this pattern comes in multiple versions you can add straps, make them sailor style, or keep them very simple like I did, they’ll come together easily in an afternoon.

Different versions of this pattern will provide you with many possibilities to personalize your Avana trouser pants or shorts.


IKATEE French Sewing Patterns for Children – Avana Trouser Pants/Shorts



I purchased a Black Brussels Washer Linen, from Harts Fabric.


Black Brussels Washer Linen



Construction –

These trouser pants come together so easily!  The pockets are the first step, and sewn onto the pant pieces.  Once your pant legs are sewn, you’ll move onto the waistband.  This is also where if you choose, you can add belt loops or straps.





Elastic is sewn on each side making these pants not only easy to pull on or off, but really comfortable as well.



Double stitching on the pockets provide these pants with a sporty look!



Functioning pockets are always a bonus.





IKATEE Avana Trouser Pants, in Black Linen.





Run, jump, or play in these comfy trouser pants.


Roomy and comfortable fit!




Mural Artists @olyspider 2019 / @renae.cannon 8.19



I’m pretty much head over heels for the ikatee trouser pants and shorts pattern.  I can’t wait to try these pants in a heavier fabric for the fall and winter.  The Avana trouser pants in a heavier woven fabric, or light denim would be perfect for cooler winter months.

If you’ve been on the hunt for children’s sewing patterns I would highly recommend looking into ikatee patterns, and Oliver + S.  Also a few of my go to sewing books for children are.

  • Simple Sewing for Baby 
  • Oliver + S little things to sew
  • Girl’s World
  • Making Children’s clothes
  • Little One-yard Wonders

You’ll find all sorts of fun items to sew for the little one’s in your life with these children’s sewing books.  As always thank you for reading, I hope this post provides some good information on where to find the BEST children’s clothing patterns for your own children, grandchildren or friends.   Happy Sewing!




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