Paint your Pasta Rainbow Project


Are you looking to use up some of that extra pasta you filled your pantry with recently?  Paint your Pasta Rainbow Project is a fun, and easy craft that doesn’t take too many supplies.  Both my kindergartener and fifth grader enjoyed this project, and an added bonus we now have a lovely garland that adorns our kitchen we all can enjoy.  Elle and William loved painting the pasta in pretty colors or Jade, Marigold, and Coral.  If you are going to make just a few rainbows you can most likely finish this project in one day.  Yet, if you want to make a garland like we did it, you will need two days to complete the project.  One day to paint all the pasta, and a second day to construct your rainbows.



  • Various acrylic paintsWe decided on a satin finish.
  • Paint Brushes
  • Cotton balls
  • Heavy cardstockYou’ll want a sturdy paper since the pasta becomes heavy once it’s been glued on.
  •  Glue gun and glue sticks


I decided on turquoise, yellow, and coral.  They look so lovely together, and we were able to create an ombre effect with each color.


Acrylic paint in satin from our local Target store.





Paint your Pasta in pretty pastel colors!




You’ll only need a few supplies for this fun project.




Elle helping construct the rainbows.


Hot glue your painted pasta onto cardstock and create whatever combination you like.



A finished ombre rainbow. Cut around your cardstock and hang as you like.





A lovely garland of rainbows.





I was delighted how our painted pasta rainbows came together.  Rainbows always seem to bring a bit of a bright spot, these too have brought much needed color and happiness to our home.  Just like after a storm when we get lucky enough to see a rainbow in nature, the sun cuts through the clouds refracting light and making a rainbow that fills us with light, color and happiness.





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