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Do you remember some of the phrases your parents would tell you each day or at bedtime?  I always remember my mom saying “sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite”!  I know kinda ……ew when you think about it.  Yet, it’s a phrase that’s etched in my mind, and the memory of her standing in the doorway saying that to me each night as a young girl is something I’ll always remember.  For myself singing a few song at bedtime and ending with, “Love you to the moon” has been a bedtime routine for both Elle and William.  I hope they too will remember those nights of reading, cuddling, singing and that iconic phrase of “love you to the moon”.  When I stumbled upon a fabric by Dear Stella that included the phrase “Love you to the moon”, I knew this would be the perfect print for a new quilt for William’s bed.


POW – WOW Quilt Cluck Cluck SEW



William’s room has always consisted of a color palette that included blue and orange.  I wanted to continue with that theme for his new “Love you to the moon” quilt.   I’ve been itching to make Cluck Cluck Sew’s Pow-Pow quilt, the modern nature of this quilt with arrows pointing in different directions was the perfect compliment to William’s room.

My inspiration fabric the Dear Stella print is called Love you to the moon Sky Scenic Navy,  along with a yellow print from Riley Blake, a print from Anna Graham’s Forage collection in chambray, I also added in a few more linen fabrics from Robert Kaufman, and I adore the look and texture the linens added to this quilt.


Fabrics include Dear Stella, Anna Graham, Riley Blake, and Robert Kaufman.




Pretty Squares!



All laid out and  ready for construction.





Cluck Cluck’s sew’s pow-wow quilt was a pleasure to make, but be prepared for a lot of angles and trimming of each block.  Yet, it’s one of those projects once you start it’s difficult to put down!




When I photographed William with his Love you to the moon quilt it was a bit of a grey day.  Yet, he was so animated and cute twirling around, smiling, and being just a cutie I had to use these adorable images.














For the back and binding of this quilt I decided on a solid blue for the back which I’d say is leaning more towards a cornflower blue.  For the binding I decided on a plaid from Riley Blake called plaid in white from Dorothy’s Journey collection.





Cozy…… and lovely.




What inspires you when quilting for your own family or friends?  Is a specific color or colors, maybe a pattern that speaks to you, or possibly a phrase like this one that I’m sure is spoken to children around the globe.  I hope this quilt will hold a special place for William as he grows with memories of bedtime stories, lullabies, and that special phrase ” Love you to the moon”.


Cheers, and sweet dreams!







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    1. You should try it out, I have fabric for another quilt using this pattern. Once I started I couldn’t stop working on it. Loved it!

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