Unicorn Oliver + S Buttoned Up Button Down Shirt



I started sewing when I was around fourteen years old, that means I’ve been sewing for almost thirty years, that’s a long time.  Yet, I’m still learning and working at expanding my sewing skills to this day.  Recently, I put in a zipper for the first time.  To my surprise, it was much easier than I originally anticipated.  I also tackled my first short sleeve collared buttoned down shirt for William.  I was thrilled how it turned out.  When it comes to sewing I sometimes psych myself out and look at clothing or quilt patterns and think…. wow I don’t know if I could ever tackle that.  However, recently I’m changing my tune and testing my skills at trying new things like zippers and collared buttoned down shirts.  Since William’s shirt went so well, I decided to make a buttoned down shirt for Elle that features long sleeves with plackets and cuffs.  I decided to use an Oliver + S pattern since I’m a real fan or their product.  Their instructions are easy to use and understand.  Many of their patterns feature lovely details giving each hand made garment a real pop.  It felt good to be challenged with a new skill.  I did watch a youtube clip on how to put together a sleeve placket.  Along with the my  pattern instructions I was able to figure it out.  Honestly, it felt great to gain a new sewing skill, and the accomplishment a beautiful tailored buttoned down shirt for Elle.


Oiver + S Buttoned- up Button-Down Shirt Pattern


Cotton and Steel Magic Forest



The front and back of the shirt is complete.  Another great detail is a coordinating print on the inside of this shirt, I decided on the cream with a black polka dot that compliments the unicorns.



The sleeves, collar, and front pocket are on.  I’m on my way to a completed buttoned down shirt.



The arms plackets are done, thanks to youtube I’m super happy with how my first plackets went.



Plackets and Cuffs


I decided on a white iridescent button for Elle’s shirt.



I found this wonderful neon thread in my drawer that I had used for another project.  I wasn’t sure about this at first, yet, when I showed Elle she said she loved it, so I was on board.  I’m glad she convinced me because it’s these little details that are so fun in handmade garments,  I was thrilled with the outcome!





Completed Oliver + S Buttoned up Button Down Shirt.



I was able to get a few pics of Elle practicing …..a pop shove it  in Park City, I was admiring her determination and my handiwork, she looks so cute in her new shirt.








I’m so happy I took a leap and tried something that was out of my skill set.  I now have the confidence to go further, and I look forward to challenging myself more in the future.  Thank you for reading and letting me share what can feel intimidating at first, yet, many times when I put my mind to something and give myself that gentle push everything turns out beautifully.





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