Colorful French Macaron Quilt


Last summer I made Elle a lovely French Macaron quilt for for 9th birthday, (see Elle’s French Macaron Quilt post).  Modern Handcraft’s French Macaron quilt was such a pleasure to make for several reasons.  One, the ease of construction, along with how quickly this quilt comes together, and lastly how visually stunning this quilt is.  For Elle’s quilt I decided on a patterned fabric for the cookie portion of the quilt, while the filling of each cookie was made in solids.  When I decided to make a French Macaron quilt as a donation for Elle’s school to benefit their annual gala and auction, I decided to go with the solid version as this makes for such a striking quilt.



Many times when it comes to fabric selection, I have a tendency to lean toward the feminine.  However, for this project I wanted the fabric selection to be something that was gender neutral, but more important,  I wanted to incorporate colors that were lively and fun, something a young family would enjoy.  Elle attends The McGillis School a K – 8th grades independent school.  The colors of this quilt had to envelop and provide a sense of what I experience when I walk through the doors of the McGillis School everyday.  A place that’s vibrancy not only comes from academics, but community, art, friends, and a smiling staff and administration are just a few of the aspects that make McGillis a special place.  I chose various hues of turquoise, blues, yellows, and oranges that all compliment each other in different ways.


Darker Hues of Turquoise, Blue, Yellow and Orange for the Cookie portion of the quilt.



Lighter Hues of Turquoise, Blue, Yellow, and Orange for the filling of each cookie.



These blocks are ready for the next step, a small white square will be sewn to each corner making those cute macaron cookies!




Chain stitched blocks, ready to be cut and trimmed.


A Few Things about The McGillis School

Elle has attended the McGillis School since kindergarten, and will be attending 5th grade this fall.  William will be joining his sister at McGillis as well attending their kindergarten program.  As mentioned before McGillis is an independent K – 8th grades school with approximately 433 student located in Salt Lake City, not far from the University of Utah, and downtown Salt Lake City.  When Elle was a baby McGillis was on our running route, as we ran by I always experienced a sense of calm and thought how lovely this little school appeared.  The McGillis School’s brick facade so well kept, kids laughing and playing at recess on the playground it seemed like such a welcoming environment.  That is exactly what we have experienced at McGillis, a welcome of friends and community.

Each day we are welcomed with these origami birds that have been embedded in a glass wall that houses the cafeteria of McGillis.


The McGillis library is the center of the school, Elle and William enjoying a little read and relaxation.


A McGillis family made and donated this beautiful book tree to display the school’s Robert Norris Award, which is given to a McGillis teacher each year for outstanding teacher excellence.



Elle giving a little smile while modeling this Colorful French Macaron Quilt.  Do Macaron’s make you giggle?

Beautifully draped over a chair at Big O Donuts in Salt Lake City.


Elle was snapping away, she’s becoming quite the photographer.



For the back of this quilt I decided on a blue print from Cotton and Steel’s Wellsummer collection.  The modern nature of the back pairs perfectly with the vibrant solid fabrics that make up each macaron cookie on the front of this quilt.


Cotton and Steel from the Wellsummer Collection



I love this image, as the colors from the cookies swirl about, looking more like a colorful cinnamon roll!



Walking through the doors of The McGillis School each morning seems to lift me up when I look up at the art that students have created that litter the walls.  To the fresh brewed coffee that beckons me to sit and chat with other parents and friends, and lastly to those lovely origami birds that seem to be standing in time embedded in glass.  I hope this Colorful French Macaron cookie quilt too will provide the comfort, warmth, and vibrancy that McGillis has brought to our family.








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