A Modern Baby Girl Quilt



Making for a new baby ranks pretty high on my list of favorite projects.  Not only do new parents really appreciate a hand made gift for their new bundle of joy.  Being smaller in size, these lovely quilts come together quick and easy.  Also imagining a new baby snuggled in a handmade quilt made especially for her is always a plus in my book.  It wasn’t long ago I made a lovely toddler quilt for Isla (See Isla’s Quilt post), when I found out little Isla was going to have a baby sister, I was anxious to get started on something that was feminine yet, had a modern twist.  When I saw Then Came June’s Seeing Double Quilt pattern I knew this was the perfect pattern for what I wanted to achieve.  A modern baby girl quilt that still had a sense of femininity.

Seeing Double Quilt Pattern


For fabric selection, I loved the idea of keeping this quilt very feminine.  Yet, I wanted to add something to break of the feminine a bit, and decided on incorporating blues and greys for the darker portions of this quilt.  Although the blue and grey mellow down the feminine nature of this quilt.  I was careful to choose blue and grey fabric that still had a sense of femininity.  All of the fabrics selected are various prints from Cotton + Steel, and feature tiny shoes, a pink and gold locket bracelet set against a baby blue backdrop.  While a lovely multi colored blue floral print aids in the impression of the feminine while providing a darker contrast that the pink and grey fabrics can play against.



Playing with color was one of the elements I loved most about this pattern.  The dark blues and greys set against the light pale pinks with an ombre effect is something that I truly enjoy.



Then Came June’s Seeing Double quilt comes together so quickly, as soon as I was done I was ready to make this quilt for myself.  Watching this quilt come together was so enjoyable, placing each block next to each other appreciating how the colors played against one another.


A simple pink back on this quilt let’s the color contrast on the front of this quilt shine.




And that’s a wrap on this lovely modern baby girl quilt.  I can’t wait to gift this adorable quilt to the new baby, her parents, and big sis!