Chicken and Waffles, a Fun Family Meal


Chicken and waffles the all american comfort food!  It was only a few years ago that I had chicken and waffles for the first time.  I wish I would have known of this delicious meal sooner.  Locally, we have a little place called A Pig and a Jelly Jar where the chicken and waffle portions are generous, and ow so good!  It was at A Pig and a Jelly Jar the first time I ordered chicken and waffles, at first thought it seemed like a funny combo.  Yet, after taking a few bites I understood what all the fuss was about YUM!  Over the holiday we got a waffle maker, and I thought how fun it would be to try our hand at making our own chicken and waffles at home.  Of course eating healthy is always on the agenda, but you just have to let yourself indulge a little every once and awhile, and chicken and waffles is the perfect opportunity.  Topped with homemade whipped cream, and honey mustard sauce on the side this dish is a true crowd pleaser!

Elle has become such a great help in the kitchen, and we’ve learned to tag team on this meal.  Elle makes the waffles and whipped cream, while I make the buttermilk fried chicken and honey mustard sauce.

We pulled recipes from three books

  • Once upon a Chef – Buttermilk fried chicken tenders with honey mustard sauce page 135
  • Pancakes, Crepes, Waffles, and French Toast irresistible recipes from the griddle – Vanilla Waffles page 65
  • How to Celebrate Everything – Tag – Team whipped cream page 59

Elle looking over her recipe to see what ingredients she needs for her waffles.


Separating eggs, she’s getting so good!

The batter is ready for the waffle maker.


Elle makes them golden brown and delicious!


Jennifer Segal’s buttermilk fried chicken tenders call for a buttermilk marinade that can be placed in the refrigerator for 4 hours or up to 24 hours.  Next, the chicken is placed in the breading mixed featured below.  Over the summer these delicious fried chicken tenders were our summer go to.  Paired with some local sweet corn on the cob, and watermelon these tenders make a perfect summer meal in addition to the perfect compliment to waffles.


After the breading place the chicken in hot oil.

Chicken Frying up!


Set the chicken aside on a paper towel to cool, and we’re just about there.


If you’ve ever had the chicken tenders at Chili’s their honey mustard sauce is ow my so yummy! Jennifer’s honey mustard recipe reminds me so much of Chili’s it’s delicious, and paired with her buttermilk chicken tenders it’s the perfect compliment.


Ingredients for the honey mustard sauce include, mayo, dijon mustard, honey, and apple cider vinegar.


There’s nothing like homemade whipped cream to top of your waffle.


I set a simple table for our family.


Looking so good, and we’re all about ready to enjoy this lovely and yummy meal.









Making chicken and waffles at home is a new family favorite at our house, something everybody loves!  This meal fills them up, and keeps them happy.   If you are looking for something to break up the usual spaghetti and meatballs, indulge a little and try chicken and waffles your family will love you for it!

XO, and keep it Yummy!


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