Linen Zippered Pouches


As the Christmas rush was upon us this year I realized I hadn’t yet made a gift for two daughters of an old friend of my husbands.  I’ve been making gifts for the girls since they were toddlers, and didn’t want to stop the tradition on account that I forgot!  The girls are tweens now, and it took me a bit to think of something I thought they would like.  Scouring my sewing books I stumbled upon my Sewing Happiness book which features all sorts of fun sewing projects.  Initially, I thought I might make them each a toiletry bag,  luckily I stumbled upon another project a zippered pouch, the perfect gift that can be carried in a backpack or purse.  The instructions looked fun and simple something that was right up my alley, as this was the first time I’ve put in a zipper!  I can’t lie I was a little intimated at putting a zipper in for the first time.  To my surprise it was much easier than I  expected.  I did obliterate my sewing needle the first time around, something the author warns of.  Once I figured out to give myself the room I needed to go around the zipper it was smooth sailing!


Robert Kaufman linen and Cotton + Steel Sheep from the Panorama Collection

For fabric selection I went with a Robert Kaufman linen for the outer portion of the pouch, while the interior features a Cotton + Steel print with small sheep poking through.

Sewing Happiness by Sanae Ishida




I wanted the zipper on these pouches to make a bit of a statement so I decided on a gold metal zipper for each pouch.



What a fun project!  I loved making these delightful little pouches so much I decided I’m going to make a few more for girl friends, and teacher gifts for Valentine’s day.  I’m pretty certain this will be my new go to handmade gift!


I was lucky enough to have my darling daughter Elle to model these cuties!




I ended up making three pouches in all, two for the girls, and a third for another friend of the family, I believe she’ll appreciate those sweet sheep as much as the girls.


Pack these pouches with goodies for the recipient, and it’s the perfect gift!  I can’t wait to get sewing on the next round of zippered pouches for friends, and maybe one for myself as well.





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