Oliver + S Christmas Pajamas


One of my fondest memories of Christmas is the year my Grandma made all the kids pajamas.  Etched in my mind is a picture of all the kids standing in line with matching pajamas waiting in anticipation of what was around the corner,  stockings stuffed, and the delights of what Santa had brought!  Over the last couple of years I’ve made my kids pajama pants, yet this year I wanted to go a step further and make them a pajama top and bottom.  Before William was born, and Elle was two and three I made her two sets of the Oliver + S sleepover pajamas, they were so adorable I knew this was the perfect pattern for my kids’ Christmas pajamas.  I found a paper pattern for sizes 5-12 on eBay, although you can also purchase patterns from Amazon and the Oliver + S website.


Oliver + S Sleepover Pajama Pattern

I’m always a lover of Cotton + Steel, for fabric selection I decided to use these adorable penguins from their most recent Frost collection.  These penguins are perfect for Christmas yet, I like the mood of winter they evoke making these pajamas something that will last beyond just Christmas

Cotton + Steel Christmas collection Frost

Construction for the tops of the pajamas.


Sleeves are on and I’m ready for the next step!



After adding sleeves to both tops it was time to add the neck detail, one of the details that make this pattern so adorable.  The hardest part of these pajamas I would say is getting the neck detail on.  However, it’s not too hard, the only tricky part is sewing on a curve around the neckline.


Both pants are complete!

Another detail I love is the cuff at the bottom of these pants.



I was so happy with how both of these pajamas turned out.




Hands down my favorite detail of these pajamas is this neck detail and those buttons!








After all the gifts are played with and forgotten, I hope my kids’ will have a fond memory to hold onto, a set of pajamas that were made just for them.  The Christmas my Grandma made us the pajamas I don’t recall the gifts I got yet, I’ll always remember those pajamas with tiny rose buds scattered about.  Here’s to a Happy New Year, and year of new memories!



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