William’s Triangle Jitters Quilt


Living in Utah offers many great escapes just outside your doorstep, from skiing, biking, hiking, and running our Wasatch mountains, to National Parks that include Arches, Bryce Canyon, and Zions which are only a few hours drive from Salt Lake City.  Antelope Island too is one of those magical, and scenic locations unique to Utah.  Antelope Island is about thirty minutes drive from downtown Salt Lake City, and located on the Great Salt Lake, a must see for visitors and locals alike.  Recently, I made William a nautical inspired quilt for his fifth birthday, my fabric selection included Dark and Stormy by Dear Stella, and Suzy Quilts Triangle Jitters quilt pattern.  When visualizing a location to photograph William’s quilt Antelope Island seemed to be the perfect backdrop for this nautical inspired quilt.  Braving the cold of an early December day, we headed to Antelope Island hoping for those glassy mirror like images you get from the reflection of the lake, and maybe a spectacular sunset Antelope Island is known for.  However, it was a grey day, my hands were freezing, yet I was able to capture of few images of William, his quilt and Antelope Island’s unique and enchanting landscape.


Triangle Jitters a Suzy Quilts Pattern


William’s quilt is a throw size 54″  x 60″ perfect to lay atop his bed or snuggle with on the sofa.

Fabric Selection Dark and Stormy by Dear Stella




What a cutie!  Giving me that sweet smile, but looking at his hands and nose I can tell this kiddo is cold!




These seagulls look perfectly at home.




An orange binding compliments perfectly with the blues featured throughout this quilt.


About Antelope Island

When visiting Antelope Island, one of the great displays of wildlife are the American Bison herd that fluctuates between 500 and 700 bison that roam Antelope Island.  Along with bison, migrating birds, coyotes, longhorn sheep, mule deer, and pronghorn antelope can also be observed on the island.  There is abundant wildlife on the island, yet, the salty waters of the Great Salt Lake can only sustain tiny brine shrimp, or what many might know as sea monkeys.  These tiny creatures flourish in the salty waters of the Great Salt Lake and become food for the many birds that live on the island, in addition to the many migrant birds that visit Antelope Island.


Imagining what the first people that came here thought of when they saw an island enveloped by salty shores, and vast mountains beyond.









On an early December day we found a cold, and grey day at Antelope Island however, the experience is always magical.  We loved to see the bison, whose large bodies seem so intimating from first glance, yet, their movements and demeanor are so graceful and enchanting.  After leaving Antelope Island we vowed that next summer we’d put camping at Antelope Island on our summer bucket list, something to look forward to in the coming months!


Thank you for reading, and letting me share what I call home.




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