Christmas Pennant



What are you making for Christmas this year?  Are you sewing or crafting something special for your family or friends?  I decided I would make both Elle and William Christmas pajamas, so I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time for much else in terms of sewing.  Yet, I really wanted to get another sewing project in for the holidays.  I decided on a really quick and easy Christmas pennant that I could display on a small mantle in my master bedroom.  Last Christmas I added pink to my Christmas color scheme and loved it!  Growing up in the late seventies and early eighties I still have an affinity for a vintage style Santa Clause like the one featured below.   A Santa with a big beard and rosy cheeks is what I remember as a child.  A vintage santa along with the pink, gold, and poinsettias was exactly what I was looking for.  Yet, adding a navy blue binding with tiny candy canes, along with a blue gingham back, I believe gives this pennant a modern spin.


For my triangle I actually had a template in one of my sewing books, but really that’s the beauty, you can make your triangle’s any size that you like.


Triangles cut and stacked.


Cutie Santa!

  • First I paired my christmas print with a blue plaid print right sides together.  I sewed down each side of the triangle leaving the top open.
  • Second I turned my triangle inside out, and used a crochet hook to poke the end through as much as possible.
  • Third I did an edge stitch along the sides of each triangle giving each triangle some additional support.



All of my triangles ready for the next step.




  • For the binding, you’ll cut strips of fabric 2 1/2 inches and sew them together as if you were making binding for a quilt.
  • If you’ve never made binding before it’s really easy.  Place two strips together right sides together and sew on a diagonal from one corner to another.  You can also make a line with a water soluble marker if that helps.
  • Then cut off the edge, this will create one long strip of fabric.  You can make this as long or short as you’d like, depending on where you will be placing your pennant.



  • Next fold over and press each side of your binding meeting in the middle of your binding.




  • Then fold over again, making a little envelopes press and your done.  Your triangles will get tucked under your envelope.



  • Place your triangles inside your binding envelope and pin.
  • Then easy breezy just sew down the line, joining the triangles to your binding.




And your done!



What a lovely pennant!  When I was done I thought I should make more of these with my many fabric scraps.  How fun this would be draped across a headboard or in a playroom.  This pennant really can go anywhere.  I hope you’ll make one yourself, and thank you for reading!  Happy Christmas!





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