Homemade Donuts


On a cold and snowy Monday, I decided it was the perfect day to surprise my kids with homemade donuts after school.  Recently, I tried the hot mini donuts recipe out of the Fall 2018 issue of The Magnolia Journal.  These were a real hit my kids and husband, something different than my oldie but goodie, nestle toll house chocolate chip cookies

These hot mini’s are really easy to make, and I bought this handy donut cutter with the donut hole already built in!  Genius!  My first time making the donuts I used two cutters like suggested in the magazine, however, this cutter with the donut hole built in worked perfectly.  I would highly recommend purchasing one of these handy gadgets, I bought mine at Spoons and Spice in Salt Lake City.



Combine your ingredients in the mixer, add some flour, and these yummy hot mini’s are on their way!


This recipe does call for the dough to be refrigerated overnight in saran wrap.


The next day, and thanks to the perfect donut hole cutter, these donuts are looking perfect.


Sizzling up!

Cute donut holes!


Roll in sugar and cinnamon and Voila!   You have the perfect homemade donut!


My kids were so happy when they got home from school, what a lovely treat for a snowy Monday or anytime!





What sweet treats do you like to make your family or friends?  If you are looking for something new, and haven’t made donuts before I’d very much recommend this hot mini donut recipe out of The Magnolia Journal.

After doing a little research, I found that you can download recipes from The Magnolia Journal online.  If you google Download Free Magnolia Journal content, you’ll see a list of issues and recipes.  The hot mini donuts are from the Fall 2018 issue.  Happy Monday!  And as always thank you for reading, and a big thanks to Joanna Gaines for an easy and yummy recipe my kids love!






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