English Garden Ruffle Top Purse



Are you familiar with Rifle Paper Co.?  If you aren’t, they make the most lovely paper, stationary, greeting cards, art prints, and other products like wearable pins, and now shoes!  A few years back they teamed up with Cotton + Steel, a collaborative of modern fabric designers that was founded in 2013.  Cotton + Steel features fun, and fresh fabrics for the modern quilter with collections that are easily interchangeable.   Together Cotton + Steel and Rifle Paper Co. have created the most beautiful fabric, really a fabric collectors dream!  Rifle Paper Co.’s recent collection is called English Garden, and of course caught my eye!  I was anxious to find a project I could make with a few pieces from their newest collection.  As luck would have it William was invited to twin girls’ 5th birthday party.  When I started thinking about what we should bring as a gift for the girls’, I remembered I made a lovely ruffle top purse for Elle when she was about three or four years old.  I decided this would be the perfect gift for the twins as well.  And a perfect opportunity to try out a few pieces from Rifle Paper Co.’s new English Garden collection.  


A Girl’s World by Jennifer Paganelli

My pattern came from Jennifer Paganelli’s A Girl’s World.  A Girl’s World features twenty one sewing project that range from clothing to home decor, accessories, and quilts.  If you have girls’ in your life you want to sew for this book is a must buy.   In addition to the Penelope Ruffle Top Purse I’ve also made the Annabel Apron, the Tallalah Halter Dress, Mary’s Fancy Sash Dress, and the Fiona Fabric Flower Pin/Barrette,and George the Puppy.  Each project has turned out just beautiful!  When Elle was younger I would make her  two halter Dress’s each summer I loved the pattern so much.  


English Garden Cotton + Steel Rifle Paper Co.  

Jennifer’s ruffle top purse comes together quite easily, and I was able to complete both purses in about four hours.  I did cut out my purse pieces the night before, so I could get sewing the next day.  

Each Purse exterior and interior pieces.  


The ruffle top purse calls for a heavyweight sew in interacting.  However, I’ve used a fusible interfacing in replacement of the sew in option, just a personal preference.  Using the interfacing provides the bag with a much needed support, and provides a nice structure to the bag.  

Gusset in progress

If you’ve made bags before you’ll be familiar with a gusset.  If you haven’t made a bag before, a gusset gives the bag a nice shape, and support underneath enabling the bag to stand upright on it’s own.  Jennifer’s illustrations and instructions make it very easy to understand and construct.  


Straps for each bag.  


These ruffle top purses are getting there, and close to completion.  

Making the ruffle is actually pretty easy, it looks a bit intimidating but really it comes together quite nicely, and the perfect project for your first time making ruffles.  

If you’ve never made a bag before, this is a great first bag project.  If you have made bags before this project will most likely be a breeze for you.  



I’m so in love with the ruffle detail on this bag.  


William ready to go to his party for the twins’!  




What a lovely purse for a little girl!  I really do love this pattern, and Rifle Paper Co.’s English Garden collection was the perfect compliment for this lovely pattern.  Is there something special someone made for you as a child?  Maybe something you carried around and loved?  My grandma made us pajama’s one year for Christmas , I’ll always remember it, the fabric was pink with tiny little dark pink roses scattered about it.  As always thank you for reading, and letting me share what inspires me to create for others’.  




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