Elle’s French Macaron Quilt


Did you know that the French Macaron cookie didn’t originate in France?  On the contrary, this delightful little cookie was brought to France around 1533 when Catherine di Medici of Italy married the future King of France Henry the II.  It is believed, that the cookie was served at their wedding, and that is how the French Macaron cookie which originated in Italy indeed became French!  A second question, do you love or hate macaron cookies?  For me, they aren’t my favorite although, I’ve had a few I liked.  William loves them, and Elle has definitely warmed up to them.  Regardless if you love or hate them, aren’t they the most adorable cookie!  I mean it seems silly to call a cookie adorable, but that is the best word to describe them adorable!  A friend of mine sent me a picture of a French Macaron quilt pattern, and of course I thought its was wonderful!  When I happened to see it at a local quilt shop I had to buy one for myself.


French Macaron Quilt (Modernhandcraft.com for $12.00)

I decided I would make a macaron quilt for Elle for her 9th birthday, how fun this would look on her bed or draped over a chair.  Although I’m in love with the pattern in all solid’s, so striking!  I decided for Elle’s quilt I would use patterned fabric for the cookie, and solids for the filling for each macaron.  When it came to fabric selection I chose prints from Cotton and Steel’s Paper Cuts line along with their Sunshine line.  I loved the prints from both lines and thought they came together quite nicely.


Cotton and Steel Sunshine and Paper Cuts Line.  Used for the cookie portion of the quilt and coordinating solids for the filling of each cookie.

Long solid strips (the filling) are paired with the print pieces (the cookie) and make up the cookie block.  While small white squares are sewn to each corner of the cookie block creating that macaron cookie shape.


I was pleasantly surprised how quickly this quilt came together.  Elle’s birthday is in July, and I didn’t have a lot of time to put this one together, as I was trying to complete this project while she was at a summer camp.  Cutting  Elle’s quilt took me one afternoon to complete, and it took me about two more days to sew the quilt together.  Really a great quilt to make if you are looking for something fast.IMG_5483

Elle in downtown Salt Lake City with her new quilt!




I was having a tuff time getting a smile out of my sweet girl!  Mid July is hot in Utah, luckily I got a few good images, but no smiles today.



For the back and binding of Elle’s quilt I decide to go with a solid turquoise fabric.  Turquoise has been one of Elle’s favorite colors lately, and when she opened her gift she said, “Ow I love the back”!  Making her mama ow so happy she was delighted with her new quilt.



Making and creating for my kids’ has always brought me so much joy.  There’s just nothing like a handmade quilt to snuggle up in, and know that it was made with LOVE!



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