Halloween quilts for the Kids’

Last Halloween I decided to make both Elle and William Halloween quilts for their beds. I know a big undertaking!  I tried to be smart about it, and used two very quick and easy quilt patterns which made it possible for me to get both quilts done in a timely manner.  Elle’s quilt pattern is from Heather Jones Quilt Local book and William’s is a very quick quilt pattern called Something Positive by VillaRosaDesigns.com, (this quilt pattern is also featured in my blog post Isla’s quilt if you want to take a look at another version).


William’s quilt Something Positive (VillaRosaDesigns.com)

Elle’s quilt from Heather Jones Quilt Local  dayton No.1



Heather Jones Quilt Local 

William’s quilt is smaller measuring 50″ by 50″ really a toddler size, I may have to upgrade to something larger as he grows but for now it’s perfect.  William’s quilt was a quilt kit that I purchased at a local quilt shop in Salt Lake City.  Besides the back and binding, the fabric selection was already put together for me.  On a side note, if you are a beginner quilter quilt kits can be a great way to take the guess work out of fabric, and pattern selection if you are struggling with trying to figure out what works well together.

For Elle’s quilt I loved the modern nature of Heather Jone’s dayton No. 1 quilt and didn’t want to deviate too much from a solid fabric, so I went with Cotton and Steel’s Halloween line Lil’ Monsters.  If you look closely you’ll notice little skulls, and bones scattered about the fabric.  Providing that Halloween fun I was looking for yet, not deviating too much from the modern tone that a solid fabric provides.


William’s birthday is on Halloween, and luckily I found a fabulous Halloween word fabric.  I instantly fell in love with all of the fun and playful halloween words, especially that bold number thirty one the day of his birth!  Another fun detail about William’s quilt, a few of prints glow in the dark! We’ve had so much fun looking at his quilt each night after reading books together, looking for bats and skeletons that seem pop off his quilt.



Elle helping me with some photos in Park City Utah.  Such an amazing time of year in Utah, the summer heat has passed yet, the chill of winter isn’t quite yet upon us.



From a distance Elle’s quilt doesn’t look much like a Halloween quilt at all, on the contrary a modern cross quilt.  However, this is one of the characteristics I love about Elle’s quilt those modern simple lines, and an unexpected color palette for Halloween.





Both Elle and William love their Halloween quilts.  We were all so excited to get their quilts out this year, and actually put them on their beds in September so they could enjoy  their Halloween snuggles and love a little longer.



If you are looking for something fun for Halloween.  I would recommend Then Came June’s website, she has a fabulous Ghost Quilt pattern that is a beginner quilt, and looks adorable.  I hope to make one for my own home next Halloween.


Happy Halloween!  Keep it Spooky!



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