Where I work

Where do you do your sewing, crafting, and creating?

Luckily I have a small but lovely room at the front of my house that has a large light filled window where I can see the trees and neighborhood below.  We have been in our current house for a little over two years and I feel so lucky to have this bright and (oh so lovely) space to do my sewing.  In my old home I had my sewing room set up in the basement, and although it was a larger room, I clearly didn’t get the light that my new room affords me.


Wherever you create, sew, or craft, whether it be at your kitchen table, a spare bedroom, or an office slash craft room.  I believe this is where you can leave everything behind and enjoy what’s in front of you.  Sometimes being a busy mom to two kids and three dogs there is always something tugging at me whether it be dishes in the sink, laundry, or a bathroom to clean, (f you have boys or have had boys you know they can destroy all the bathrooms in your house in an afternoon!  Ha, ha, ha I wish it was funny!)  Long story short there’s always something to do!

Sewing has become a time I can slow down, a time to really enjoy being in the moment and let everything else melt away for an hour or so (a zen moment if you will).


Purchasing my Bernina five years ago was one of the best decision I have made in years!  A friend really urged me to buy one, and at first I felt a little guilty spending that much money all on myself, I mean this was really only for me.  Now looking back I wish I would have purchased this machine ten years ago.  Not only has my Bernina made sewing much easier, (as I’m not constantly fiddling with my machine trying to fix it).  I’m able to sew much faster, and my accuracy has really improved.  Not only does this machine run fabulously, other features have also come in handy like an automatic button hole maker Genius!



My sewing room is still a work in progress most of the furniture was from my old house and I’m not completely sold on if it’s working as I like in my new space.  However, it is doing the job for now and everything has it’s place.


Two tall shelves do most of the work housing books, my beloved framed pics of my kids and family,  along with fabric scraps, misc. items, and sewing books.  Luckily this room has a large walk in closet that helps keep clutter at bay, and where I can store most of my fabric for upcoming projects, more fabric scraps, and other crafting supplies.


I bought a large stainless steel desk from IKEA quite a few years ago it’s really held up and is still in great shape!  I kinda love it!


There it is, a glimpse into my current sewing, crafting, and creating space.  How do you set up your sewing or crafting space, any tips or tricks?   I’d love to hear from you.

Cheers to something lovely just for you!