Cooking with Kids

As parents, we begin the process of teaching our children as soon as we bring our babies home from the hospital, we must teach them to maneuver throughout their world.

We teach our little ones basic skills, like learning to tie their shoes, ride a bike, look both ways when crossing the street, to more complex tasks like learning how to play a sport, reading, and learning mathematical equations.  Of course we have plenty of help from family members, school teachers, and other friends, that help us along the way (It takes a village is a very true statement! )

Teaching kids can sometimes feel like an arduous task, cooking for example can feel a bit overwhelming especially when we are dealing with hot stovetops and ovens, sharp knives, and hot liquids.  However, when learning anything new there are ups and downs, yet, when you’ve got it your confidence soars!

Over the years Elle and I have enjoyed making cookies and cupcakes together.  Dave has also taught Elle how to make pancakes, and honestly she’s a better pancake maker than I am.  Elle has shown an interest in cooking, yet, I really believe it is an important skill for all kids to learn.  I started thinking of ways I could get her excited and engaged in helping with family meals.  I did buy a kids cookbook called Kids Cook!  to start some ideas in terms of recipes she could easily take on.  More important, we looked through the book together, and she decided on a meal, and dessert that she really liked and thought our family would enjoy.  She decided on a bolognese meat sauce over spaghetti and mini cheese cake bites for dessert out of her Kids Cook! Cookbook.


We started with the cheesecake bites since they needed some time to cook, cool, and chilling time in the refrigerator.



A homemade graham cracker crust makes these little cheesecake bites ow so yummy!


Measuring has also been a good skill to learn, and I’m hopeful will help with 4th grade fractions!


Yum looking good, and she’s doing it all on her own.


Elle set a lovely table, we all enjoyed her hard work at making a meal for her family.


A perfect bolognese sauce


Teaching our kids along the way, but letting them learn and succeed what a great feeling!





Elle has continued to take an interest in cooking as she regularly flips through all of my cookbooks in search of new recipes that she can tackle.  Letting children learn and explore can create lasting memories for them and you!  What have you taught your kids lately?  Do you have childhood memories of your parents teaching you?  I’d love to hear!    I remember catching my first fish with my Grandmother I was so proud, it was a tiny little thing!  Of course I didn’t want to eat it, yet my grandma put it in the freezer so I could look at my prized fish whenever I wanted.  A happy memory for sure!




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