Oliver + S Bucket Hat

img_1974.jpgOver the summer my family and I made our way to Lava Hot Springs Idaho.  We not only enjoyed the hot pools they are famous for.  But their family friendly, small town atmosphere is one that we will continue to go back for.  If you aren’t familiar with the area, Lava Hot Springs is located at a natural underground spring, where hot mineral water bubbles up from the ground and ranges in temperature from 102 to 112 degrees.  Luckily there is no sulfur smell and all I can say about those hot pools is they are pure bliss!  We stayed at the Home Hotel and we were lucky enough to get the ONE room that has its own mineral pool out on a private porch!  William and Dave jumped in every morning for a quick mineral bath.  Our first morning there I popped out to find William with his dad enjoying a morning dip, Dave was sitting in the tub with at the time I thought of as a silly looking bucket hat.  At first glance it seemed silly but quickly grew on me, and I thought what a great hat, so functional perfect for the pool, beach, or even an afternoon of fishing.  I knew I had a pattern back at home that I could use out of my Oliver and S little things to sew book that would be perfect for the kids.




As soon as we were home I was ready to start in on my next project the Oliver and S bucket hat for my kids.  When it came to fabric selection for the hats I really wanted to go with a nautical theme, perfect for the beach or pool.  Living in Utah doesn’t afford us much time at the beach so I was swayed from the nautical and chose fabrics that are a bit more versatile, something for beach, fishing, pool or anytime.  Since the hat is reversible I decided on a Robert Kaufman linen blend in a solid, and a quilting cotton for the second fabric.  Using these two fabrics together was the perfect combination.  The solid linen blend has some structure to it giving the hat a better shape, while the quilting cotton provides a softness to the interior of hat.




Elle is eight so I went with the little Panda bear face.  She preferred the lighter linen that’s pictured with the plaid fabric, so I used the darker linen for William’s hat, again perfect for various occasions.

Construction of the Hat was quite quick and easy, honestly I was a little surprised how easy it really was.  After constructing the brim of the hat the pattern called for a top stitching that goes around the brim, giving the hat a polished look.



IMG_1910The top part of the hat also came together quite easily and the top stitching around the perimeter of the hat provides not only a decorative detail, but some additional structure and support.





Wow it’s starting to look like a real Bucket Hat!  I love this part when it’s coming together and looking just like it should.



Almost Complete!  The pattern called for hand stitching what I would call the interior of the hat.   You could probably machine stich this part on, however, I’d recommend sticking with the pattern and hand stitching.  Both my hats turned out perfectly, they haven’t come apart not even in the pool.



And they’re done!  And the fact they are reversible how fun.  I’m in love with the Robert Kaufman linen blend for this project, nothing short of something you might find in a pricey children’s boutique.



Hmmm I’m not sure what’s going on with the kissy face, they are both doing it!



The Oliver and S bucket hat is not only a pleasure to construct, but a pleasure to wear as well.  Elle has worn hers quite a lot, taking it on vacation, and to our local pools.  Thanks Liesel for another great pattern!



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