Star Wars Quilt



Wow!  Can you believe the original Star Wars movie was released over forty years ago in 1977!  Even in its’ infancy in the early eighties Star Wars was a pop culture phenomenon that included figurines, trading cards, and space ships that were replicated from the movie.  Today, the billion dollar Star Wars merchandise franchise endures with kids and adults alike.  We just can’t get enough Star Wars!IMG_0484

Star Wars is everywhere!  Today it’s not only toys and figurines, but sheets, bean bags, home accessories you name it, they have it.  After feasting my eyes on countless Star Wars accessories, bedding, and toys inspiration hit!  I had to make a Star Wars quilt for the son of a family we’ve become fast friends with at my daughter’s school.  Our friends’ son turned nine over the summer, really the perfect age for a Star Wars themed quilt.



I decided on a color pallet that consisted of black, white and grey with one navy blue print.  I chose geometric prints that lend itself to a modern feel.  Incorporating not only Star Wars themed prints but more modern black, white and grey prints keeps this quilt from feeling overwhelmed in Star Wars kitsch. Although it’s a themed quilt, the fabric selection feels a bit more sophisticated creating a themed quilt that I believe will stand the test of time.

Another detail I love on this quilt is the small black and grey polka dot fabric that I used on the border of the quilt.  Also the pop of orange gingham on the binding and back of the quilt make the black, white, and grey from feeling too boring. IMG_0388IMG_0391

I was thrilled how this quilt turned out, immediately after it was done I thought to myself I wish I had made one for my son too!img_0315.jpg

The pattern for this quilt is called The Perfect Ten because of the ten fat quarters that are used, and I love it!  You can purchase this pattern at the Fat Quarter shop in pdf format for $9.98 if you are interested.  I’ve actually used this pattern for four other quilts over the years.  What I love is one, it’s a great beginner quilt very easy to cut and construct.  Also the size of the quilt 60” by 72” is perfect for not only the sofa but a twin size bed as well.  In addition to the size, and ease of construction, this quilt will showcase your favorite fabrics well.  Weather you choose a fat quarter bundle or ten fat quarters yourself this quilt will not disappoint! img_0483.jpgimg_0520.jpg

Peek a boo!  I see you Darth Vader!  William was a trooper no pun intended, with letting me get a few pictures. It was a warm day and he was more interested in playing then letting me take his photograph.  However, I was compelled to continue snapping away and was able to capture this sweet photo of him peeking through his fingers. img_0480.jpg

In the end our friend’s son was thrilled with his gift!  A few weeks after gifting the quilt I received a beautiful thank you note that still tugs at my heart strings.  Sometimes I forget how much these handmade items mean to our friends and loved ones.









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